Sisters and brothers do not be disheartened concerning the latest news. God is not a man that He should lie.His ways are not our ways.. He is still God. Joseph was given a prophecy yet he was left for dead in a pit and was imprisoned, yet the word of God to him was fulfilled. Time is in God's hand. Keep praying for justice and righteousness. That was our prayer cry during the time of our 3weeks of prayer and fasting. Praise and thank God like Jehosaphat for the answer. Remain blessed. We are soldiers. The battle is at its fiercest, but we are victorious because it belongs to God

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Lynn B
4 months

@kemi.kingsdaughter Amen

4 months

Nothing to be disheartened about. We pick it up from here. Prayers for our leaders. God knows everything and has the utmost power.
His Perfect WILL CAN NEVER BE CHANGED. He sees ALL THINGS and permit what He wants. He is Omnipresent 🙌🏽💕

4 months