Guys I just wanted to share something. So a few weeks back I had a dream and I saw Biden as the winner of the USA.
A few nights ago I woke up and the Holy Spirit said “pray for the nations”. I asked him “which nation”? , he said the USA. After that I heard 3 words; reelection , January and attack .
I strongly believe that there’s great opposition in these elections. I have never prayed or being close to the USA but I do believe we all need to pray as one for God’s justice. The enemy its not happy and I don’t have a doubt that something will happen in January. I’m not sure if is a terror attack or an attack against the new re-elected president.

Don’t dismay, Let’s keep this nation in our prayers. God knows why!

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rowena hawlitzky
23 days

There will be assasination attempt according to prophet charlie shamp. He said we need to pray for trump

Shan Applegate
23 days

Omg!! This is some wicked agenda. But God always reveals things to His children no matter their efforts to conceal in darkness. Indeed let’s pray!!

23 days

@GabrielJC omg this is scary !!!!!!!!!

Shan Applegate
24 days

Wow!! The Lord does nothing without first revealing to His prophets. Thanks for sharing with us @julie

The Psalmist
25 days

Wow had goosebumps reading this!!!

26 days

Yes!!! Pray for the USA!!!

Lisa Zacharie Anderson
26 days

Hi Julie my husband had a dream this morning where he got a text telling him to (Pray 🙏) 👈🏽 it was in the format