First time here. I am happy to share this with you. I got a vision 6 months ago. I think he last 3 seconds. An image. I saw a table with a beautiful plate, with spoon and folk next to it. And on the right, on the table cloth, there is s rainbow. Thank you for letting me know what you think about it. Bless you, all.

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4 months

Hi Fedjine. This vision may possibly speak of provision/spiritual food (plate and utensils) and promises of God/covenant (the rainbow). Even though the food was not visible, the food would come next after the table was set. Maybe now that the table is set, God is ready to give something to you.

4 months

I believe the Lord as prepare a place for you (psalms 23:5) everything is ready for you to sit he probably wants to share with you a promise he as in place..the fact that you got this vision 6 months ago and its still with probably mean it will change something in your life..please pray about any interpretation this is just what I think đŸ˜‚