To the people who know who Emma Stark and Sam Robertson are, I just want to know if they are trustworthy or not. It seems like they are, but I just want to double check.

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Prophetess for God
almost 2 years

yes they are, they lift up the name of Jesus and teach sound doctrine.

almost 2 years

I'm not sure but yes you need to ask the Lord. watch more of their stuff and see how genuine you think they are. personally i dont know much about prophets I'm learning more because there are obviously many that are scammers that claim to be more than just people that have visions/dreams and pedestal themselves up - wolves in sheep clothing. after coming on this app and read more of the word - its evident people have dreams. if one person doesnt have a dream some one else is bound to. just dont uphold one person among others, tomi actually brought that up yesterday not just about 'prophets' but others too. In conclusion pray for Gods kingdom to come..

almost 2 years

Yes they are. They are friends of Tomi and Tobi I believe. They have both ministered on RIG before. Hope this gives some insight/clarity

Eugenia T
almost 2 years

one of the main prophets in the UK alongside Dr. Sharon Stone and some others - check out her interview with Apostle Tomi. šŸ‘