Man part 2 of God coming through!!! If you read my previous post about my devotion on, “Did I ask?” Another question that came to me was, how can I serve my family in this season? Just got off a super dope convo with my aunt on so many family needs! She text out of the blue and asked if I was available to talk! To this I say God always speaks sometimes not in the way we assume and often the noise of the world can drowned out that still small voice but guys I swear draw close the gifts are often not things you can circle in a catalogue but sooooo much greater and those are the things only He can give that the world can’t take away!!!❤️🙏🏾🙌🏾

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almost 2 years

It’s a preloaded gif✌🏾

almost 2 years

What software did you use to create this graphic?