After Trump concedes.

He is going to prison.

What I saw was for 2months or 2years because that part I saw on the white wall wasn't clear. But I saw the 2 but couldn't see clearly what was behind the 2.

After his imprisonment I saw a national debate spring up in the media.

I saw Presidential Pardon.

I saw Plea bargain.

Again it is not for me to force it to happen.

It truly the Lord has revealed this it would be.

But I got a argument in my spirit not to share this.

If this is disobedience, God would forgive me.

The scripture that says no one lights a lamp and hide it under the bushel basket was where I found comfort and justification in my spirit.

The point of sharing is God is not a liar, and His spirit is truth. There is no confusion or unrighteousness in Him. Let His will be done and let him confirm this if truly he revealed it.


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11 months

You are literally the first one I am hearing say this. NEVER heard anyone say this except those who hate Trump.

11 months

I pray you reach deep down in your heart and search for truth. the truth that God searches for in us.
Set politics aside and get your heart right. may God forgive you for using Him as your platform to push your personal agenda. I pray you take time to look at God's character and integrity and follow Him.

11 months

no condemnation for stepping out let those with discernment weigh it there are many saying the same thing when God speaks it is with a peace and knowing in your Spirit there is no argument or confusion conflict in it.

11 months

Lol... Thanks for this joke, I had a good laugh