Newspaper cover I saw in my hospital at work today.

Please join with me to intercede on behalf of clinical staff combating coronavirus. Not just in the U.K.’s NHS, but the world over. Our hope doesn’t lie in any human, but my heart is that:

- those medical staff without the Lord in the midst of this - overwhelmed by the impossibility of what’s expected of them, and all the pressure - often without all the equipment they need, can realise they need a deliverer, and cry out in humility to our God

- for brothers and sisters around them (staff, patients, visitors, etc.) to dispense the healing, salvation and deliverance as led by the Spirit in His love and power, to hearts that are wide open, fertile soil for Jesus to come in

- No intimidation for any God’s children by coronavirus. Jesus touched a leper to heal him, He could’ve just spoken without getting close... No deadly thing can harm us (Mark 16:18) even if we/someone around us is already infected! We’re children of God! Giving room to a spirit of fear is what we need to combat, let’s watch our thoughts! (I had to begin meditating on 2 Corinthians 10:5 myself today about this very thing).

Remain blessed everyone 💖

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Shan Applegate
over 1 year

Amen! I stand with you in prayer to our FATHER in JESUS name! 🙏🏽🔥

over 1 year

Amen! I join my faith with yours on this in Jesus name.

Shan Applegate
over 1 year

@Alleycia powerful prayer. We stand in agreement with you! 🙏🏽

over 1 year

FATHER send your SPIRIT and protect and provide for your people, for you are a faithful and just GOD whose WORD never returns void, so FATHER right now in this moment we ask for forgiveness for the idols we have erected in your place. We cast down everything that exalts itself over you oh GOD and JESUS Christ your son. May every man and woman turn the from their wicked ways and Honor the LORD your God with your life from now until forevermore.
FATHER we ask that you heal your people and heal our land in JESUS name we pray....

thank you for hearing us when we call.