After Trump concedes.

He is going to prison.

What I saw was for 2months or 2years because that part I saw on the white wall wasn't clear. But I saw the 2 but couldn't see clearly what was behind the 2.

After his imprisonment I saw a national debate spring up in the media.

I saw Presidential Pardon.

I saw Plea bargain.

Again it is not for me to force it to happen.

It truly the Lord has revealed this it would be.

But I got a argument in my spirit not to share this.

If this is disobedience, God would forgive me.

The scripture that says no one lights a lamp and hide it under the bushel basket was where I found comfort and justification in my spirit.

The point of sharing is God is not a liar, and His spirit is truth. There is no confusion or unrighteousness in Him. Let His will be done and let him confirm this if truly he revealed it.


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