Reigning Recipe: Yes! Amen!

2 Cor 1:20 "For all the promises of God in him (Christ Jesus) are yea (YES), and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us."

ALL THE PROMISES OF GOD to us in Christ Jesus are YES (in him) and (in him) AMEN, unto the glory of God BY US.

Important notes:
*ALL! Not some. Every thing the word of God says of us in Christ Jesus is true (yes) and is our present hour reality (amen). There are those who try to reason away or cut back the reach of God's promises in our experiences; they explain away the promises of God with human reasonings and judge God's promises by human experiences. No! Let God (alone) be true and every human encounter and experience contrary to God's word remain a lie changeable by God's word.

*These promises are IN CHRIST JESUS, not outside of Him. Whatever promises or expectations you are holding on to, be sure it is promised in Christ Jesus, not in Moses or Elijah. This is one major reason the experiences of men do not align with God's word, we are not always keen on what God says is ours in Christ Jesus. We live most times as though we have alternatives that can deliver the same results and effects as God's promises, then when we fail, we turn around and blame God. Find out diligently what God has made available IN CHRIST JESUS.
2 Tim 1:1 "Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, ACCORDING TO THE PROMISE OF LIFE WHICH IS IN CHRIST JESUS".


All other promises or theories (political, economic, health) that have no substance in Christ Jesus fail, eventually.

*These promises are by us, in order words, they will manifest in our lives to the glory of God but not without our believing them; speaking and acting on them as our present hour faith reality. You must learn to daily wrap yourself in the promises of God by speaking your reality in Christ Jesus in the face of difficult and challenging times, even good times. Faith is always in the NOW!

One thing is certain, if God's word has promised it and it is a substance in Christ Jesus and you are speaking it forth day and night in faith expecting a performance; the answer is YES! AMEN!

God made those promises IN Christ Jesus before you came around to encounter the challenges they were made to overcome. God already gave you the victory before the problem surfaced; the solution was before the problem and the solution will outlast the problem to many generations yet to be born till Jesus returns.

All the dreams in your heart, all the aspirations you have in Christ Jesus... THEY ARE ALL YES AND AMEN!

Be a YES! man in this sense.

Think on this.
GRACE with Tunde Udomah.

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