Prophetic Utterance

The Light of the Gospel is shining forth, illuminating every dark places. The light shines in the hearts and Communities of the people. As many are living in the dark, light is breaking forth, because of the travail of His people, light is illuminating the dark sides of the people, the Gospel is the light, many are rising to preach the gospel, many are rising to shine forth the light, the light is emanating from the inward parts of the Believer. The light is the Spirit impact, the light is giving many direction and bring many to understanding. The days are evil, yes they are evil, as there is an increase of death, pain, lack and uncertainty. But I the light is shining forth for those who will embrace the Gospel, for the Gospel is the the light that brings salvation and liberation. Be wise in this season, as darkness...yet gross darkness covers the earth, those who have the light of the Gospel will shine brighter, says the Spirit of the Lord, more word will be dispensed, more people will fervently pray, many will accept to preach the gospel, many will walk as god's on earth, the miracelous will be common. The Glory is now because Jesus is Glorified and ahead is more weights of Glory.


During The Kings Empire Pray Walk.
17th |11| 2019
Emmanuel Jeremiah

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