The day before Wilfred Wong was arrested I shared the link to interview with RIG about SRA, could someone please confirm with Holy Spirit if there was any link please. He is fighting the people who seek to destroy me also.
I ask this urgently I am fighting people who have allowed me to be tortured under the Queens nose.
I seek the Elders of RIG nation's wisdom on these matters.

I did not choose the war Father God did, any one can confirm I did not seek to be given gifts.
Father God called me.

As a warrior for christ who is trying to be the best for Jesus can someone please discern the truth of this matter.

My cases if dealt with correctly, have the potential to stop a lot of neglect and torture and of vulnerable persons and I believe will highlight corruption also in UK.
They are spending your taxes taking people like Mr Wong and another christian myself another kind of human rights advocate out of the fight. It means we are close to targets.
I have remained alone in my war against them. I sought only to help vulnerable adults and now my son. I am told to keep it between me and God.
I Prayed for a prophet I now pray also for people who really dont care how big they are but know Jesus really does reign.

My left thumb and main artery were severed for 48 hours
Valentines day 2006.
I bled to death, I laid other hand over it knowing Jesus had me, 2 days later I was still alive. Plastic surgeon who fixed my thumb told me it and my main artery were totally severed.. I want Justice and so does God.

He led me to you.....

I have only one chance for legal aid they are throwing illegal court actions at me, any Holy Spirit advice on which case to start with urgently needed please, I cant get out to seek discernment of others in this matter.

God bless even if no one helps me, if I will die it will be my honour to die for you Lord you know I tried my best.


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Furia Sol
5 days

@Ayokunle David thank you brother it is greatly appreciated. Have a blessed weekend šŸ™

Ayokunle David
5 days

Just praying for you.