God in Christ..

Gods will and love doesn't preclude making choices.

He speaks of marriage ,yet U can choose who to marry,when to marry or even not to marry and yet He's pleased,this automatically includes bearing children .

He speaks of serving Him such that the Levites did nothing but stay in the temple,yet u can opt to pursue your own career,businesses like paul , serve Him still and Yet please Him.

He instructs to pray but doesn't mandate specific hours of the day ,you choose.

He instructs to gather and fellowship,yet u choose which days ..

He instructs to give ,yet u choose what and how to give...

Simply put,His power doesn't interfere with our volition to make choices on serving Him.

Even in giving your life and time to serve Him,He still wants u to do it from your heart..

He loves a cheerful giver..

Seriously speaking,He's not what most people say He is!

Right from Eden He makes choice the hallmark of His instructions ..even though abused,He still takes the responsibility for it.

Take another look at God today ,in Christ,you might be shocked at what u will discover !

You have a blessed weekend ahead

Jesus is Lord and I call You blessed!


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