Today President Elect Biden quoted 118:14 “ The Lord is my strength and my song...” and the remainder of the scripture is He has become my salvation. It is important for all us to pray for both men ( Trump and Biden) for the salvation of America. God is above all government and He requires that we should pray for all men that they would have the opportunity for salvation for we wishes for none perish! God’s Hand is not short wherefore He is unable to deliver! Through our prayers and supplications, the laws of the land, injustices towards the oppressed, protection of anointed police officers, strength for the frontline workers, strength for our children who are homeless and hungry, the jobless, the homeless, and the divided and hurting nation can and will experience His salvation, His strength, His song according to Psalms 118:14. It’s important that we pray for one another and the nation to healed! Put down our idols and lift up Jesus so that all men will be drawn unto Him!

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about 1 year

Yes, Amen she is included... I have been praying for her also!

Gabrielle Joy
about 1 year

We need to pray for Kamala Harris