[a testimony]

Part 2

My Heart Exposed

Different thoughts went through my mind constantly. I was so eager to 'blow'. At a point I was ready to do anything. So one day, while I was driving, a thought came through my mind, "You want money – but you have to decide exactly where you want your money to come from? Do you want your money to come from God or from the devil?"

I replied immediately, "From God, of course!" Again I heard "Then you have to follow God and learn His ways carefully!"

After that, I decided to know more about God and what He was saying about me. Revelations about who Jesus is started coming flooding my path. I had many encounters too. I couldn't continue in that church group so I went to another and finally left for Lagos where the Lord supernaturally led me to a church group whose pastor I had seen on a billboard in my dream.

I started my class on contentment [through their teachings] and started having better understanding about money and life in general. One Scripture that struck me was Proverbs 13:11 - _"Wealth gained dishonestly dwindles away, but whoever works diligently increases his prosperity."

I also discovered that the main reason I wanted money was due to pride - I wanted to show off. I Iearnt from Scriptures that money should be used to advance God's kingdom and not feed my ego. I was acting out of time and had to be patient. But I wanted to know more about the kingdom and the life of a disciple because I kept seeing them as I read my Bible and even in my dreams where the Lord Jesus would be talking about it. Unfortunately the church group I was attending at that time didn't focus a lot on the kingdom.

When I came back to Uyo[Nigeria] in August 2019, I told God to show me what job to do. I got employed as a driver in November. It was another chance to be tested practically if I had repented for real so I was excited. I worked hard and determined in my heart not be greedy for money. I was so contented with what I earned.

I came to God's Lighthouse in January 2020 and heard Pastor Ita talking exactly like the Lord Jesus about money, greed and other related issues. I embraced the teachings because it fell in place with what I believed then and that's the truth. I learnt about times and season in relation to money.

My boss started trusting me with many things in the company. This helped me stay faithful and diligent. Then, one day in July, he called me. When I arrived, he told me he wanted to make me his #manager! What! I wasn't expecting it at all. He finally announced me as his Manager and handed me the key to his office. Well, other staff who were employed before me murmured that I was the last person that came there so how did I deserve such a post.

I want to sincerely thank God that I have been so contented and happy. And I believe Abba is able to keep me from stumbling and to present me faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding Joy.
Now to God my Savior the only wise God be Glory and Majesty, Dominion and Power both now and Forever. Amen.

– Bro VP

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