I received this word this morning. It confirms similar words spoken to me and echoes those of many Prophets speaking at this time.

The Spirit of the Lord says, "For in this hour and in this season, I am birthing a new people and I am birthing new Nations. Choose this day who you will serve. Men (Women) must make a decision to either be hot or cold and Nations either to be sheep or goat Nations. Repent and be separated, dedicate and consecrate yourself to me. For only in me will you find rest".

Like the book of Malachi I believe the Lord has come to judge and to purify his people. Listen and be attentive to the things of the spirit in this hour (do not be carried away by the noise of the enemy) so that you may receive Grace and Mercy from the Lord.

Pray Point & Scriptures:
Let us pray for the Lord to send His Spirit of Knowledge & of the Fear of the Lord upon His people and the Nations; and that the Lord will show us His mercy.

*Isaiah 11:2
*2 Chronicles 19:7
*Isaiah 33: 5 - 6
*Proverbs 15:33
*Proverbs 8:13
*Proverbs 16:6

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