This Comes From Joel's Mum Picture Of His Mum Kathy With Her Son Joel!

Day 61 today and our last visit to a hospital cafeteria together, tomorrow morning Joel will be discharged. Almost tempted to share the ICU photo of my boy so you know the reality of how far he has come since that Saturday back in October. It is only by the grace of God he is still with us and has recovered as well as he has.
A big THANK YOU to wonderful paramedics , Royal Perth Staff ,and Fiona Staff. Also a BIG THANK YOU TY all of you wonderful people who have messaged, phoned, visited and CB prayed for Joel and our family over the past months. You are loved and appreciated. Thank You to my wonderful kids Sarah, Jonathan, and Rachel,Cos, Mirella, Ben, Pam and Gavin for all looking after each other - proud of you. Thank you mostly to my God for his Goodness to me.

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