"God, I Invite Your Searching Gaze Into My Heart. Examine Me Through And Through; Find Out Everything That May Be Hidden Within Me. Put Me To The Test And Sift Through All My Anxious Cares. See If There Is Any Path Of Pain I’m Walking On, And Lead Me Back To Your Glorious, Everlasting Ways - The Path That Brings Me Back To You!" (Ps.139:23‭-‬24 TPT)

"You’ve Gone Into My Future To Prepare The Way, And In Kindness You Follow Behind Me To Spare Me From The Harm Of The Past. With Your Hand Of Love Upon My Life, You Impart A Father's Blessing To Me!" "Wherever
I Go, Your Hand Will Guide Me; Your Strength Will Empower Me!" (Ps.139:5‭, ‬10 TPT)

May God Continue To Lead
You Into His Path And Ways
Of Doing Things Today! 

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