prayer and Decree from Today's GIVE HIM 15, DUTCH SHEETS A prayer you can pray:

Father, we speak blessings over the praying church, Your Esther in America today. We are those that are pressing in to carefully hear the voice of Your Holy Spirit in our day. We come before You day by day and hour by hour to hear and intercede for the salvation of America. We bless this mighty praying army, raised up by You for such a time as this. In our generation, bless these that are sacrificing so much for the future of our people. Save us from every evil “Haman” plan, even as You saved the Jews in Esther’s day as she interceded before her earthly king. Lord, we worship You. We glorify You and exalt Your Holy Name. We want only Your ways in our nation.  

Move on our behalf. Let the cases be solidified and heard. Let them move through the courts as swiftly as possible. Let no man stop what You have ordained! Let the package be delivered. Give us victory. Give POTUS strength. Give the legal teams strength and insight. Expose all corruption in this election. ALL of it! Thank You for granting our request, Great King Jesus. Amen. 

Today’s decree:

 As an Esther army in our day and age, we say, “Haman will hang from his own gallows and the purposes of God will live and reign in America!”

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I love the daily “Give him 15” helps to keep me going