The Lord of Heavens Army has given me this message to release to the Body of Christ. It is in two parts.

My people, my people,
Why do you continue to listen to lies of the enemy by sowing seeds of discord, strife, and division. Many of you are behaving and operating like the accuser of the brethren, the spirit that operates in disobedience, rebellion and lawlessness. Many of you are claiming that I am the author of confusion and that I a Holy God, supports your vain imaginations of sin abounding, so that more grace is given. You are lying and deceiving yourselves. Many of you are leaning to your own understanding and have allowed the enemy to deceive you and because you insist that you are right, when are wrong, I the God of all flesh am sending you a strong delusion, because many of you do not love the truth, because the truth is not in you. Many of you have been engaged in battles against the true children of God, who stand up for righteousness and truth, which are the foundation of my throne.

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Elizabeth Joel
7 months

@GabeJC It's worldwide, terrifying.

7 months

Wow... Both parts spoke to me, deeply. I literally just asked God like 20 min ago to show me how is it that there are people on here who seem to be so close to Him, and yet they're completely missing the mark on His will for this election. Thank you so much for sharing this, Amanda. God bless you. šŸ™

7 months

Thank you Amanda for posting this.
Lord, your will be done.