Question: why is this called Rig? Does that stand for something? What’s the backstory? 😀

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about 1 year

When God asked “Adam where are you?” in Eden that was the first time He asked about his whereabouts. Adam was lost the minute Eve and Adam disobeyed causing a split in the heavenly realm and earthly realm where its hard to see and hear God. There was only one realm before sin. Restoration is deeply needed and Im grateful for the question bc I didnt know what the name stood for either.

about 1 year

"RIG stands for Restoring Issachar’s Generation. We want to restore hearing the voice of God back into the normalcy of the church, making the supernatural the natural for all. Hearing the voice of God and being connected to God is the only way to succeed in the times we find ourselves in today. Daniel 11:32 NKJV says “The people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits.”  This is the time to know God and to know what He has called you to do."