Who has ears πŸ‘‚ to hear let them hear!

Do you believe in Jesus the Son of the living God! If the answer is Yes!!! You do well, but before you puff out your chest beloved, you must know that even the demons believe this fact; so you see it is not enough to believe in Jesus! You have faith but do you have evidence of that faith let me ask! Do you get angry, how about gossip, slander, jealousy etc if you are Truthful and your answer again is yes, then I say your faith is dead! The Constitution says if you can't bridle your tongue your religion is worthless you have no works of faith. Jesus came to save us from exactly what we continue to do yet we say we believe! The works are not us running around doing things for Him those are even dead works if we are not obeident to His word. Repent beloved (change your mind) study the word of God ask for Truth ask to not be deceived ask for Revelation and Knowledge of Jesus the Christ and His WAY! The Constitution says ask and it will be given to you seek and you will find knock and the doors will be opened if you ask for bread 🍞 He will not give you a stone don't lean on your own understanding only few will enter in the Kingdom of God only a few.


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Lisa Zacharie Anderson
7 months

@parlermona Good morning beloved the Kingdom of God is a Goverment Isaiah 9:6 the Ecclesia is faithful body of His people state representatives Holy Spirit is our Governor He is to make sure that the people is like their country Heaven the bible is the Constitution the laws of God just like the earth has all these things I mentioned just so it is in Heaven Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven if it bothers you I will add the word bible to it πŸ’œ

7 months

why do you keep saying the constitution? why not just the Bible or the word of God?