Pls pray for me,I have been bleeding for 9 days,the ob gyne doctor said that if the bleeding will not stop i need to have surgery.I am not agreeing to what he said.I know that God is in control of my body.
Thank you.God bless us all.

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9 months

Praying. A lot of times this is due to simple hormone imbalance but doctors only make money on expensive procedures. I am not a doctor but consider the following:
Use ONLY organic dairy and organic beef to avoid all of the bovine hormones farmers pump their cows full of. Purchase “RBSt free”.
Get your progesterone and estrogen levels checked.
Loose weight to reduce estrogen dominance.
Use a progesterone cream or supplement like Black Cohosh to raise progesterone levels and stop the bleeding.

Doctors will usually never recommend to use a natural supplement because it isn’t recognized in medicine.

9 months

I received it ,Amen..Thank u and God bless us all.

9 months

Lord Jesus, like the woman with the issue of blood, heal this precious one. Give her peace and honour her confidence in your healing power, in Jesus' name.

9 months

Amen..thank you Father.
Thank you for your prayers,I received it in Christ Jesus wonderful name..Amen.

Elizabeth Joel
9 months

Father, we come aside your daughter. We thank you because you made every part of her. We ask in your mercy that you would invade her system, let every misalignment be divinely aligned and right every wrong. We decree the blood stops and all goes back to normal in Jesus name. As she trusts you the Great Physician let it be unto her according to her faith as you perform the surgery by Your own divine hand. Thank you Lord.

9 months

I decree and declare supernatural healing to you in Jesus name