Just wanted to remind that what happened yesterday in DC was no surprise to God. He saw that since when and He knows what will happen today and tomorrow and all of the plans of the enemy. We need to continue to pray over the word spoken through the Holy Spirit and not be deceived or troubled by strange voices. God will be glorified and I pray that those who mock Him in public and glorify other things like science may be put to shame in public and brought to repentance. Absalom tried to take the Kingdom but God chose David not Absalom. And look how it went for Absalom. Biden seems to me like a Absalom type and Trump a David type. And ofc, Jesus is still Lord no matter what. I don't desire anyone to be brutally killed like Absalom but I do pray for God to be glorified and for those who are corrupt to be led to repentance. Pray for Trump and for God's will to be done on earth as in Heaven. God's not done He got everything under control just as much as always. Peace.

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3 months

Amen brother...Praise God.

Reve’ Northrup
3 months

He will be..... Jesus is not finished.