My thoughts on the Church in America.
Frankly Christians in America need to pray about the posture of their hearts. There is a thin line between justice and vindictiveness. You people should know that the Lord is neither for Trump nor against Biden. He is for His agenda and against the agenda of the sons of men. When Joshua was about to conquer Jericho he met the Angel of the Lord and asked, are you for us or against us, the angel replied neither. Joshua 3:14-15. In as much as the Christians in America are angry about abortion and the various ills in America, you people must know that your anger can't promote God's righteousness. This is not the time to be vindictive and when justice finally manifests, it is not a time to gloat. This is the time for Christians in America to be sober about their own personal walk with God and remove all forms of rebelliousness because God will also judge His children and His church. This is also a time to ask the Holy Spirit to deal with the vindictiveness in your hearts. Ask him to marinate your hearts in his mercy.
The wait of the manifestation of the prophecies was to test what is in you folks heart. And it is obvious that there is offense and vindictiveness.

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about 1 year

Thank you sister. đŸ”¥

Louise Rodrigue
about 1 year

Don’t believe the lies in the mainstream medias.

Most Americans believe in GOD and cherish their freedom and LIFE! They are not vindictive.

The vatican is corrupted as well as some of its churches...

You do not need to cite the Bible to be a child of GOD.

about 1 year

Amen sister. Well said. Repentance / humility begins with the individual.