Please Pray for South Africa, that God's will be done for this country. Pray for the church in SA, against COVID19 variant spreading rapidly in the country. Our government - corruption and against racial division. All in all that God's will be done for South Africa and the church here may be strong & courageous and do great exploits.

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8 days

we stand in the gap for S.A.
Lord send ur east wind to blow out the evil disease in the land....
Release ur power thru ur church for righteousness to reign in S.A.
Lord,let ur Angels cut down the evil horns of wickedness in the Land in Jesus name.
Lord,let ur glory fill this land in Jesus name

Funmi Creativa
9 days

We pray that the Lord will have mercy on Africa concerning this evil disease. Amen

9 days


9 days

We will keep Praying God will do it For SAšŸ™

Eno S
9 days

We will be praying. God will do something mighty in this season