💥 Ya'll I just realized that Joshua was the one who passed the famous command to the sun and the moon in Josh 10:12. All this time, I thought it was God. And God did not command him to do so. So my questions is: how did he KNOW he could do that? How did he KNOW he had access to SUCH POWER? 💥 You have got to have revelation knowledge to exhibit that boldness.

The lesson is: when you are fighting on God's behalf, the things He is willing to do for you to win that fight are LI-MIT-LESS. But you have to know whose you are and who God is, or you will never access the potential that is available to you even if it's there for you.

That's what happens when you know your identity. Once again, that means when you know whose you are, who you are, and who God is‼️ We need revelation knowledge.

This is hitting me on a whole nother level today. I'm blown away, I'm pumped up💥 💃

#Identity #Jesus

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Kingdom Agenda
6 months

@MC. STAY PUMPED & FIRED UP sis!!..God Bless you..❤🙏

6 months

@pumpkin87 Amen

6 months

Amen praise God! I think about Elisha as well when he had been given a double portion didn’t pray just spoke because he knew the power of God! The Bible says he just spoke it! I hear so many today say we ought to speak and ask of God before we make a move! But what if we are already given access to make a move but are unable to because of our position...just being completely out of position. I thinks about Peter silver and gold I don’t have but what I do have I give you in the name of Jesus Christ Walk! This authority! I read in the Bible that some got healed from touching of Paul’s clothes! And Paul came after! Man If we are not careful man will put us in a one size fits all and we will not walk in the authority that is ours!