Update- The 2 Binita’s are improving one is out of ICU on oxygen alone, the other is off the vent and improving. The Wyatt’s are still holding on with no change, but I’m expecting a miracle for them! Thank you all for your continued prayers!

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6 months

Well the Binita’s are both home and getting better. Today we buried the Wyatt’s today..God knows best.

6 months

I agree in the mighty name of Jesus. The battle is won. Thank you Father for a good report today. They will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord!

Toyin_Wind Of Change
6 months

Praise God! I pray for a supernatural turnaround for the Wyatt, the same God that did it for the others will do it again. I decree and declare change in the situation now in the mighty name of Jesus. It will happen suddenly! Get up and walk! Arise! Let my people go! Let them be set free from this illness and receive instant healing in the mighty name of Jesus. The Wyatts Arise! Let the volume of prayers manifest signs and wonders in the hospital in the mighty name of Jesus for them and many others in the hospital. Let them say that the Lord visited this hospital in the mighty name of Jesus 🙏

Move in this place today
Holy Spirit Move
Holy Spirit flow through their body, mind and soul
Replace what needs to be replaced
Amend what needs to be amended
Remove what needs to be removed
Complete healing Lord🙏

Thank you Lord the Lord of Miracles and breakthroughs🙏

6 months

Thank you father for it is done in Jesus name amen

6 months

🙌🙌🙌 Thank you Jesus. In your mercy Father Lord complete and perfect the healing of your children in Jesus Name Amen.