This season has allowed me to see a very true and concerning fact that many of us Christians have gotten used to God only moving one way. We often get stuck in the way God comes to where we have made a tradition out of it. You can literally make a tradition or ritual out of anything. I “always” pray at this time. God “always” speaks to me this way. God “always” has me do this. God told me years ago to do this... what is He saying now?
Break the tradition....
Some traditions have gotten stale in God’s eyesight and have made the things of God ineffective.
God has switched up on us.
Not his ways. He is faithful in the character of who He is. He remains the same in his character but He is changing things up to reach a generation that needs something fresh and new.
He is doing something new!
I see an end time army that will be unconventional. A couple of years ago the Lord spoke a word through me about the children of this generation and how he was going to use them in a mighty way.
This end time army won’t be afraid to speak to the darkness. This army won’t be afraid to step into unconventional places and declare that Jesus is Lord!
I see an Army rising among the shadow of death and darkness.
I declare today that we serve a God that has NO BOX. There is absolutely nothing to hard for him. I see blind eyes opening. I see the lame walking. I see deaf ears opening.
I see many coming to the Lord because of the light of the saints.
The Lord showed me Jill Biden having an encounter with him. The Lord is going to visit her and there will be a great transformation that will take place over her life.
And the lord shall begin to pour out his oil over America.
Many celebrities who once walked in Darkness, God is going to use for the kingdom. God will begin to use them to draw many to him.
I declare that the Lord is about to hit the Earth like never before!
God is about to hit America like we have never seen before in our lifetime! There is a pivot coming. A shift.
We will know that Jesus has moved.

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12 months

hallelujah sister

Pam Cee
12 months

Amen ! Praise God 🙏🏿🙏🏿