Low Self Esteem 

According to Dr. James Dobson, low self-esteem is the number one cause of depression. This is because depression comes from the downward pull of low self-esteem.

-        The hardest people to get along with are those who don’t love themselves. People with low self-esteem are hard to love because they want another human being to do for them what only they can do for themselves.

-        The commonest way to cope with feelings of low self-esteem is to pull within yourself; to have as little contact with others as you possibly can and just occasionally to peck out as the rest of the world go by.

-        Satan uses this nagging feeling of inadequacy and inferiority to isolate you and KILL YOU- kill your dreams, your desires, and your potentials, kill everything.

Some people approach life casually, with a laissez-faire attitude. Whatever would be would be. Satan does not exist. Nothing can happen bla bla bla. That is a very dangerous approach to life.

Settle it in your heart that you have an enemy, who does not like you. You have an enemy  who derives pleasure in messing you up, tripping you to fall flat on your face; who loves to see you at your lowest and  would love to keep you in that state until you are exhausted or even dead.  If I ever knew anything in this world, it would be this one fact right here: your enemy wants to frustrate your every effort and keep you frustrated perpetually.

Mankind has an enemy, called by several names in different religions and worldviews. 

Surprisingly, what the devil explores in his parley with mankind is not power. The devil is not as powerful as he portrays things. 

But, our enemy is extremely subtle, tricky and deceptive. The ‘power’ as it were, of satan, is in deception, subtlety and trickery. He knows how to exploit our experiences, disappointments, failures, discouragements to his advantage. 

Get a pen and write this down. ‘’some of satan’s deadliest and most powerful weapons are psychological’’. (Please read that again). Fear. Worry. Hostility. Guilt. Anger. Doubt. The deadliest of them all is this gut-level feeling of inferiority, inadequacy, low self-esteem. 

An uneasy sense of self condemnation hangs over many people, especially young people.

You can protest all you want. You can disagree all you want; but you know it – that when you are alone you feel useless. In the night those feelings hunt you. I am saying, if that is your experience, it is not normal. 

Many are tied up in knots, bound by a terrible feeling of inferiority and are chained to a deep sense of worthlessness.

There are at least four ways satan brings defeat to people through low self-esteem.

1.     Low self-esteem paralyses your potential. The thing with low self-esteem is that it drowns its victims. It engulfs them and what is the result? Watered down living, wasted gifts, leakage of power and possibility. There is only one thing people with low self-esteem do: NOTHING! 

And is that not want satan wants? For you to be so tied up that you are tied down; for you to eventually settle for a life that is far below your potential. Have you met people before who in your honest assessment were good looking, smart, brilliant, physically attractive – but who unfortunately were at the wrong place , at the wrong time, doing the wrong things? Like the old axiom: an eagle among chickens. You cannot just help but wonder what someone like that could ever be found doing in the places that you saw them. LOW SELF-ESTEEM. This is how commercial sex workers are made. A pretty girl gets immobilised by low self-esteem and lacks the courage to pursue life. The result? She gives her body to men who can pay her some cash. Money she could be making a billion times more if she had the internal power and emotional strength to persevere in chasing a decent life. Money a young rich man would walk into her life as a husband and give her in one day what 20 years of sex slavery would not. But she cannot understand what we are saying because she has low self-esteem. And by the way, some of them are very pretty and intelligent, these girls. Be reminded, low self-esteem is satan’s deadliest weapon! 

We look at the remaining 3 ways low self-esteem defeats you in the next post. 


Yunana David Dary

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