🙏🏽Thank God this terrible place has closed.
🙏🏽May abortion be wiped out once and for all.
🙏🏽Let life be valued once again,

“The women were treated like complete animals, herded like sheep and spoke[n] to like dogs.” 😪

UK’s second-largest late-term abortion clinic has closed.👏

This abortion centre, situated in South London (also known as ‘The Lodge’) has performed 13,114 abortions between 2017 and 2019, including 2,235 abortions of unborn babies between 13 and 19 weeks’ gestation, as well as 1,297 abortions at 20 weeks’ gestation or over.🤯

The closure comes in the aftermath of a series of controversies and scandals at the clinic.


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6 months

All praise and honour to the most high God

6 months

Praise the Lord!!

Kim Holbert
6 months


Eugenia T
6 months

Absolutely evil! praise God that it's gone!!!