Blessings to all of our brothers and sister in Jesus name. We joined RIG nation last month. It’s great to be here! Praise the Lord. When we asked for prayer about our electric bill and then we asked for our sons food a few people reached out to us and blessed us with awesome testimonies. One person encouraged us to post what other ways can people help besides prayer and to post it.

Our situation is that we had our son King David Alexander last year around the same time as covid hit and my husband [William] had to leave the Philippines for exit clearance which took all our financial resources and set us back. Now we are having our second son in May and all the bill collectors are asking for their money. Our prayer is that we can get out of debt before having our second son, so we can focus on our children and our ministries.

Our debt is $2000 including transportation back and forth to pay the bills.

Father God we give all the praise, all the honor and all the glory. We believe in our heart. We receive what we’re praying for and We trust you with all that we have and who we are in Christ in Jesus mighty name.

If anyone would like to help you can donate to our PayPal.

Thank you all and we appreciate your prayers, love and support. God bless everyone in Jesus mighty name.

Love and salvation to all in Jesus name.

William and Xilca Bias

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