The Lord says “I haven't abandoned my people or America’

I saw a large Pile of ashes. The pile began to stir and up from the ashes arose like a phenix A great American bald Eagle, I heard the lord say “From the ashes of a seeming defeat for this nation I will bring forth a new thing. For even as hell thought they had secured a victory when my son was nailed to the cross so has the enemy again thought they have secured victory over my people in the United States of America. Now every idol has been brought low and removed from my remnant. A fresh surrender and a pleasing sacrifice of praise has been laid on the alter before me and it is a sweet smelling aroma to me. Watch as I stretch forth my hand in this hour and bring RESURRECTION LIFE TO EVERY DEAD PLACE. Yes for even as hell would have never conspired in the crucifixion of my son had they known what my plans were, the enemy has once again fell into his own trap! I have spoken, I WILL HAVE MY INTERNATIONAL BRIDE. Everyone will look! Yes they will Come and see the breathtaking wonders of your God. For I bring both ruin and revival. I am the one who makes conflicts end throughout the earth, breaking and burning every weapon of war. So Surrender your anxiety! Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God. I am the God above all the nations, and I will be exalted throughout the whole earth.”
~Christa Elisha~

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6 months

something is coming out of phoenix. Look at this article on what is happening!

Reve’ Northrup
6 months

Amen. I had a vision of mountains being moved and overturned. Praise Yah.

Living the Abundant Life
6 months

Glory 🔥 Thank You Lord Jesus 🙌🏾❤️👑

6 months

There is something about Phoenix Arizona Intercessors now need to birth this prophesy. The Rising of Phoenix Arizona. 🙌🙌🙌

6 months

Hallelujah 🙌🏽 Thank you for sharing

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Kim Holbert
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6 months

Tomi had similar with a phoenix i believe

Lameck Nandwa
6 months

@Funmi Creativa Amen🙏🏽💞👑💖✨

Funmi Creativa
6 months