That’s why the bible states the love of money is root of evil. Can you imagine with all Jeff Bezos money he steals the little that his drivers make. Unfortunately he not familiar with bible that states workers deserve their pay. Greed is terrible stain on ones character.

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Reve’ Northrup
9 months

And yet wealth is given over to people who can handle it. The LOVE of money is what the Bible says is sin. Having wealth isn’t a sin especially if your using it to help the poor and people less fortunate. It’s funny how much people blast Trump and show no mercy as if they don’t have a past and don’t remember Where they came from. I thank God that people with this kind of spirit are not God.

9 months

Agree. Wealth and greed unfortunately go hand in hand, which is why the Bible says it’s almost impossible for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven. Once you have money, that’s all you want and can never get enough.

Trump is no exception, he actually said in his book “The point is, you can never be too greedy.”