I wrote a poem to go with my painting. 🔥♥️🔥

Jesus your eyes..
Is it true they are like flaming fire?
I sometimes wish they were more like a soft blanket..
But what do I know about love?
There is no one hidden from Your sight
But all are naked and open to Your eyes.
Is my comfort any good but a warm lie
That eventually chokes me and ties me up?
You’re like the burning bush, blazing yet not consuming..
You bring the ones You love through Your fire.
Refining us as silver and testing us like gold.
Removing the rust, ash, the dirt.
Burning my crimson to be as white as snow.
Your word pierces my soul and spirit, joint and marrow, thoughts and heart
With the same eyes that saw me nail You to a cross
You still chose to be the lover of my soul
Your fearless love leading me to repentance
Your eyes see me as a beautiful, blameless bride

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Heather Strazza
6 months

@justmthobisi thank you!! ☺️🙏😁

6 months

Amazing ⚡️

Heather Strazza
6 months

@Fiona A thank you! ♥️🙏☺️

Heather Strazza
6 months

@BeckyM ☺️♥️

Fiona A
6 months

Lovely poem

6 months

El ro’i. God who sees 🤗 💓