I dreamed that I was staying in a room in a hostel or a boarding school or something, and the walls were painted so colourfully like the room had an aquarium theme, and there was a tiny little window but the window was closed but because it started raining outside water started rushing into the room somehow through that little window even though it was closed. So there was this little stream of water that was rushing in. What does it mean?

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6 months

@Gemma I usually don’t have any feelings in my dreams, it’s more like watching a film.

6 months

What did you feel in the dream? What emotions did you have? What you were feeling about the water will reveal a lot. You could have had peace as you saw the stream, could have brought joy, or it could have been stressful/ worried you)

Hostel- temporary place of meeting, transit place, transit situation, winds of change
Boarding school- season of being taught

From looking at it quickly, It could be a time where God wants to heal things/ deal with things and get to the root for greater freedom perhaps from a past rainy season. Even where you feel you have already dealt with it. (You saw the window closed in your dream)
Because the window was closed yet water came in. Sounds like God wants to bring you breakthrough.

If you felt joy as you saw the water forming the stream in the room and were stepping into the stream etc it could mean something different! You could have been excited as you saw the water in which case ignore the above! It could be a time of stepping into His river and going deeper, into His joy, goodness and freedom
Holy Spirit will reveal! ☺️

6 months


being that you're in a setting that isn't home and the walls were colorful. the impression i get is a favorable one so far. maybe a new opportunity considering the setting

the water could be seen as a breakthrough considering how your dream starts off.

the tiny little window may indicate it may seem like the delivery of said breakthrough may have been an unconventional way that you wouldn't have guessed.

the aquarium theme could be an emphasis of the breakthrough or perhaps any specialty you had desired. i.e. a field in aquamarine life, or near a body of water.

as always please bring any interpretation to the Father for confirmation.