Please pray for Mike Lindell of Absolute Proof. They are going after his business through the cancel culture. Every outlet where he sells his pillows and other products or advertises has shut him down to destroy his business. This guy is standing for truth even though his life has been threatened and he had to hire protection in order to finish off his film.

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John Livingstone
6 months

Amen! People have been really supportive of him. He said that he has so many orders for Mypillow that they're on back order. I'm sure people have already seen this "Absolute proof" Showing the proof on the 2020 presidential election fraud

6 months

I bought the pillow to support him. I think he has a secret group of
Intercessors praying over those pillows. 😉
It really is my best sleep ever. I will pray,
But I am also going to buy some other things from him. I pray this will be his best year ever in business.

Watchman Knees
6 months

My son and I are going to buy some pillows today as well, making sure to announce that we didn't shop there accidentally.

6 months

I just bought 2 of Mike’s pillows. Every bit of support helps. We stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ❤️🙌🏽

6 months

Yes, I will pray for Mike Lindell who is standing up for the TRUTH to be exposed. This man of GOD has such a passion for the KINGDOM OF GOD, that HE is truly working while it is still day as no man knows the hour of JESUS’ return ✝️

Reve’ Northrup
6 months

Keep praying God is working

6 months

@Pstr Elizabeth Joel Amen sis. Amen. Yes just read the post about Lin Wood and Sydney Powell. Much prayer

Elizabeth Joel
6 months

Praying forSidney Powell, Lin Wood among others. Quite fortunately many others have been buying his products and being encouraged to do so. Tjis is the time lovers of truth rally round one another. God will thwart the purposes of the wicked and what they meant for evil will turn out for good.🙏🏽