Testimony: I wanted another deep freezer to stock up on more food. So I searched and could not find one. I went online and everyone was sold out. So I knew others done what I was trying to do. I was upset but there wasn't anything I could do about it. The last resort was to contact Rent a Center and they told me to check back in a month. I was upset and frustrated and had no other place to look. I just prayed and told the Lord I need one and to help me do the best with what I have. My heart was still on that freezer. Well..about 2 months later the Lord gave me a deep freezer..a neighbor moved and told me I could have hers!!! Boy look at God!!!! Well here we are about 4 months later and God gave me 2 more which totals 3. Didnt pay anything but 25.00 for one of them. Ain't God good? Lesson is, God definitely knows what we have need of. And when I stopped trying to do it on my own, and gave it to God He provided not 1 but 3. He already knew what He had in mind for me. Not to pay 1000, 700, 500, but only 25. So while I was having a fit that I could spend money I honestly couldn't afford to spend, He already worked it out for me. It didn't happen in my timing but it was in Gods timing for the absolute BEST outcome for His child and to showcase His glory in the matter. So Im learning to have the mindset of "For your glory Lord Jesus" because he uses us exactly for HIS glory... Let's be willing vessels for the Masters use and stop flopping around like fishes on dry land acting like we dont know who God is...And if you lose focus go back to the Word and remind yourself. Then recite all of the things God has done for you over the course of your life. God is faithful...

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@Tammy123 Amen

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awesome Testimony @naphtalimara7 thanks for sharing. It certainly pays to rest in God