African Proverb: if a leopard licks your nose, it is your flesh it is hoping to eat!
Meaning: Tigers, cheetahs, leopards and any of the big cats have something on their tongue many of us may not know of. They have spikes (or if you like, barbs) called papillae all over the tongue mainly to help them scrape fur and fine hair off of their food. But they are so rough that a few licks at the same place on your skin can end up tearing your skin and drawing blood. It is the equivalent of scraping your skin with sandpaper. Continuous licking combined with the enzymes in their saliva ensure that the experience is uncomfortable. So while you may focused on the gesture of the licking , you may not like the outcome of actions. Our elders have given us a wonderful Proverb to warn us of the consequences. The primal instinct (motive) of a big car is to eat its prey. Believe it or not, there are figuratively speaking humans with spiky tongue whose motive is to suck you dry. They are wolves in sheep clothing— pretending to be nice and lovely but having an ulterior motive. It doesn’t mean we should suspect everyone. It means we must not believe everyone. Do your research before you commit. Ask questions rather than assume. Look before you leap. And keep both eyes open wide! Set boundaries! The great need in our generation is learning to set boundaries. Boundaries are basic guidelines that you establish regarding how others are able to behave around them. Where there are no boundaries , there are bound to be many injuries due to abuse. Be careful!
Country of Origin: Liberia

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