You can always look to entertainment as a gauge to how far and fast America has fallen.
Miley Cyrus was groomed by Satan’s army for what she’s accomplishing today.

She is part of the devil’s influencers in this day of technology. Satan raises up idols for the youth as well as adults to worship and to be like. He uses them to spew filth and perversion into society through entertainment. Her new rock album has been number one for weeks.

Millions followed her career as a child when she started off as HANNAH MONTANA. There was an innocence to her back then. But that quickly subsided. Born into a family from Hellywood she followed in her dads footsteps and sold her soul to the devil for riches and fame.

She’s performing at the pregame Super Bowl show. We know these are the endtimes of bread and circuses to lead people away from God and down the wide road to hell.

Her message to the world is on her halter top.

The pictures below show the downward spiral MC has been on since she was a child. The Disney MKultra entertainment empire had much to do with her demise as well. The devil will use her to lead people away from God and deceive her to hell as-that’s the devil’s endgame.

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this is sad