New Testament —Two Commandments — The New Covenant

YOU shall love one another as much as I love you and in the same way - spiritually not physically - John 15:13. IF you DO this, ALL men will know that you ARE my disciples and are exercising and learning “Self” discipline - discipleship.

You shall love me and no other gods.

Judge no-one, so that you will not be judged, by God, for by whatever judgement you judge another, unjustly, you condemn yourself to the same punishment. Judging is God’s job exclusively, as He is always unbiased; impartial; incorruptible and just. He has given His Judgements, in His Law Books given to you at Mt. Sinai, by which He judges those who break His Laws. There are NO other laws on this planet that are LAWFUL. God has strictly FORBIDDEN man from making up laws. God’s Laws are the same for everyone. God does NOT have separate Laws - one for the rich and another one for the poor.

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It is better to take your case to God and ask Him to judge you and to vindicate you. That’s what the Throne Room and The Courts of Heaven are for when you have a relationship with Yahshuah HaMashiach and God the Father, they teach you these things. Acts 1:8