I'd like to share a testimony as it really encouraged me on Sunday. I've been asking the Lord to give me opportunities when I'm walking to talk to people and spent some time last Friday seeking God on this matter. On Sunday I had encounters with two people. One stranger hailed me from across the street and we engaged in conversation about church and other topics and before parting said she would come to church and bring her daughter. She left very excited. Another stopped at the same time and wound her window down but as I was already talking when I turned around she had driven off. I know the past year has been difficult and I've been asking the Lord to do something new in my life in reaching my neighbours and people around where I live. I've been reading about revivals through the ages Miracles and the Supernatural throughout Church History by Tony Cooke, and watching videos on recent revivals which has put a new fire in me. Please don't be discouraged as I believe revival is on the threshold. Just put yourself out there and God said He will fill your mouth and you won't hv to think what to say!!

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Elizabeth Joel
6 months

Powerful. Thank you.

6 months


6 months

Very encouraged by this testimony, thank you for sharing. I have been asking the LORD similar prayer and it's encouraging to hear a testimony of God answering. Looking forward to seeing breakthrough in my life too. May God continue bringing more opportunities in your life for His kingdom and in those of us desiring the same. God bless you

TOP Faith Center
6 months

Thank you so much for sharing this.