“My God says, “There is no peace for evil people.””
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭57:21‬ ‭ERV‬‬

I’ve said this before. I’ll say it again. Everything that is happening. Needs to happen. God is allowing all these political cancerous people do what they are doing because their actions, God is going to reverse them!!! Their answers, actions and statements will be used against themselves and their own motive will sentence themselves!! God is going to simply twist the scenario for this to be revealed.

Statements like, “Remember when you stated...” or “You yourself stated and made an impactful and bold statement by saying...” and that’s when they’ll try to double back but they will be snared by their own words. Their words will take them to their graves!!

Another thing that Evil can not do is, be a TEAM PLAYER. “These people” (you know who they are but this could apply to any dark forces around you) ... can not work together towards a common goal because they are focusing on the negative solution or outcome that will eventually cause them to attack each other.

Take ONE leg out from a table and the table in compromised!! That Corner where that one leg WAS now starts to cave in towards the floor. Causing the others to Become hopeless.

What will a hopeless and compromised individual do? They will sing like a bird.

What is happening is too confusing, too chaotic, there’s absolutely no justice!! There’s no hope for a come back.... or so it seems. This is the perfect scenario for Jesus Christ to reverse the situation. People have heard many prophets and their message from Christ and their dates have missed the mark but God doesn’t have a calendar so it was the humans fault for putting a date on the God of eternity!! It’s coming. When? Not important, remaining excited that it is coming? That’s! Exciting! Gods justice will be served!!

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6 months

Yes Exactly Amen .Totally agree%100 .So good to read some faith filled responses to our current climate..Blessings