The family mountain is first! God put a family in a garden and in that garden formed an ecclesia—a place where two or more could gather together in the presence of the Lord—and expand the boundaries of their dominion.

I want to encourage you to think about Eden. Here are three things that are a revelation to me:

1. God has given you “authority” over the garden. You MUST know about the authority you have been given, and use it! A serpent will always try to get into the garden. If he can’t stop you on the outside, the devil will try to corrupt you on the inside and negate your power to expand.

2. The serpent has many disguises. America was once a well-watered garden—but the serpent got in and now it is a nation being torn apart by two seeds growing to maturity: one will produce life and the other will produce death. I wish it were otherwise, but Christians are needed to discern spirits more in this next season, than any other time before.

3. Always war from the garden out! The secret to victory is to make sure God’s Spirit is ruling over your territory—first in your heart, then home, then workspace.

The garden is a place that God has assigned you to. It is therefore part of your jurisdiction in the Spirit. In the garden, you have authority to establish a kingdom embassy. This is where the presence and peace of God rules. You expand from there. Watch what happens!

Lance Wallnau

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5 months

I love this! So true.