Kirk Franklin has lost his way. One by one the Spirit of perversion and Deception are overtaking prominent voices to help usher in end time lawlessness. Sodom and Gomorrah in the Gospel Music Industry

Kirk Franklin calls out homophobia in the church: ‘Nothing to do with the Bible’
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6 months

I'm afraid many of those are coming out and have been drafted in to deceive. It was prophesied. But I believe in this end time outpouring it will be back to a revival of biblical truth and doctrine. As Davis said, I want truth on the inward parts. Its sad to see though

6 months

Deceitfulness of sin. Father I pray you shine your light on Kirk Franklin. I break the power of delusion and deception over him in Jesus name amen

6 months

Sad to see he hasn't repented and just spirals deeper into sin.

Neo Lloyd
6 months

it's a sad day. how is he hoping those people will be saved if they don't receive the truth and if they have their own interpretation of the word?