The very thing you have been called to is being challenged by the pain you have gone through. The devil wounds us when we are young or old so that the very purpose we are born for is rattled by the threat of pain happening again, through that calling.

God is calling us to follow His promise & purpose instead of our pain. He's calling us to follow the blueprint He planned before life began. It's not the things that shout the loudest but the commands & calling that are waiting to move us into a place where eternity & history collide.

Choose today, no matter the threshold of fear & pain, to make shifts in literal daily choices to move toward the thing we have made for & for many, are fleeing from.

It's crazy how the things we are born for are fought by the things we go through. It's crazy that we have let the enemy teach us to hold back from destiny to honor the pain he sowed so that THIS VERY MOMENT, you wouldn't move forward. It's time to make a move! Make a choice to overcome your fears. Speak it, share it, plan it, but DO SOMETHING to move toward it! #awakening #everybeliever

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Living the Abundant Life
6 months

Amen 🥰🙏🏾