For those among us who may be unfamiliar with the wrestling against principalities and powers, who may be unfamiliar with casting down strongholds, imaginations etc., now is a particularly good time to come to the terms of the real warfare. This is well illustrated by World War II. The "Enlightenment" (which bore no light, it was darkness entirely) suggests to us that we're smart enough to figure this out. Certainly we can make our own way to a "Utopia".
The most educated culture in WWII was Nazi Germany. For those of us who don't know, Nazi is an acronym for National Socialist Workers Party. Wait, Nazis are socialists? Of course they are. The terms we're using now are a lie. And where I am, USA, Hitler and his crowd were lauded by the Democratic Party for their "Progressive" ideas, including eugenics. In fact, Hitler learned a thing or two from the Dems: shipping off some 1st Nations on the Trail of Tears, Jim Crow laws & such for the formerly enslaved and he learned from the Ottomans how to exercise genocide with no one caring. Take note! There is a robust population of Christians among the Cherokee, the formerly enslaved and the Armenians, who have a reputation as the 1st Christian nation. So, here we have the enlightened (who originally sided with the Russian Communists) on one side in the West.
On the other was a country whose founding (though it's advertised otherwise) had nothing to do with enlightenment but everything to do with Awakening, as in the First Great Awakening. The Framers of the Constitution of the USA understood the impossibility of governing our way to Utopia, which is why they purposely made a structure to limit the power of government to free the citizens of the Kingdom of God to manifest its purposes as the sheep of Mt 25 and so produce a peacable and just society. But the "Progressive Enlightenment" can't have that, and so the battle is joined. It's not about which party's vision better serves the Utopic outcome, both are bound for failure. It is about having an Awakened vision or an Enlightened one.
All of which makes this post all the more cogent. It's your turn now, Christian.
Sound familiar!! -

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