Prophetic word from the Spirit of the Lord received and recorded on my mobile phone on Tuesday, February 16th 2021, at 06:25 am, London time.

"My judgment is upon the earth, says the Sovereign Lord. I will bring justice to My people, I will not forsake them. I will not relent until I have given justice unto My people. Watch and see the Lord your God at work, watch and see if I do not do justice unto My saints. Watch, watch the Lord your God at work. I will bring justice swiftly through the land. See, I'm shaking the earth, I'm shaking the heavens and the earth. I am the Sovereign Lord, I dominate over the nations of the world. I am the Lord your God, watch and see your God at work. Watch and see if I do not do justice unto My children who cry out to Me day and night. Am I an unjust God ? Am I deaf I who created the ears ? Would I be deaf unto the cries of My children ? Will I not have compassion upon My children ? Didn't I shed My blood for My Church ? Didn't I cry in agony on the cross for My Church ? I give nations in ransom for My Church, I love My people. I've heard your cry, My children, and the Lord your God is coming to your rescue. I'm coming to your rescue, hold on to your faith, hold on fast to your faith. Don't lose hope, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming to your rescue, My people. I'm coming, says the Lord your God, I will bring justice swiftly unto the land, unto the land of America. Blessed be the name of the Lord your God, blessed be he who put all his trust in the Lord his God. I'm coming, My people, I'm coming to your rescue. Hold on fast to your faith and don't lose hope, says the Lord your God. Hold on fast to what you have received from Me, hold on fast and don't lose hope, says the Lord your God."

Amen, good is the word of the Lord.

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2 months

@Benjamin really glad the Lord encouraged you through this post, brother 😃 May our wonderful God shine His face on you 🙏♥️

2 months

Thank you. God told me to check for a new post from you. This is the right word for the right time.

2 months