Scottish church leaders backing the judicial review claim respond to this poll run by a humanist society:

Rev. Dr William Philip of The Tron church in Glasgow. He said: “Thankfully the law is not decided by opinion polls. Even if a poll were to support the permanent closure of places of worship, that would not make it unlawful to exercise the freedom of religion protected by the European Declaration of Human rights.

"Courts in other countries have determined that the criminalisation of gathered Christian worship is unlawful and a breach of human rights and the Scottish Court will make its decision on the basis of law, not a Humanist Society sponsored poll."

John-William Noble, Pastor at Grace Baptist Church Aberdeen, said: “We wonder what a similar poll would have said about the importance of allowing off-licenses to remain open during the lockdown, whilst places of worship are required to close, especially given there is no evidence at all of transmission at places of worship which have complied with the various precautions, but plenty of evidence of increased alcohol-related harms during lockdown."

What people need more than ever during this crisis is the consolation – and health – that Christian worship and ministry can bring."


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