Dave Brennan who leads our Brephos project to the church, has been doing a weekly discussion programme on the “abortion” issue with Nick and Mairi Franks on their podcast: Into the Pray.

This week Dave shares his thoughts on the important and pressing question, "Should I have the COVID vaccine?"

(He has written widely on this issue from a Biblical perspective on his blog: https://www.Brephos.org)

As you will hear, this question can't really be considered without referencing the wider COVID-19 context and, at the very least, being prepared to question the narratives that are being spewed out by the likes of the BBC.

- What role is propaganda playing in this?
- What ethical questions should you consider when thinking about the vaccine?
- What facts should we have firmly in mind as Christians?
- How do the vaccines relate to abortion and fertility issues?
- Will the vaccine become mandatory?

You can listen to the podcast here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3SPhQTZsIxHiyCE1XkXi7j?si=eByRhrguTOmk5FCgtB3KlQ&nd=1

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Should We Have the COVID Vaccine? (feat. Dave Brennan)
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9 days

💕🤗💞THIS HAS BEEN SENT TO 30 COUNTRIES, I’ve just put the copy to Uk here


9 days

So compelling! Thanks

10 days

Can’t understand why you would ask the question. Trust God. Every time.