4/3/2021 at 3.20am I woke up from dream distressed at seeing someone locked in what I can only describe as a some sort of safe and the person that locked them did not care that they were being locked in there over the weekend (few days). I became very distressed at this and spoke out about the person not being able to breath and it seemed as I spoke out it what I witnessed that the person I was speaking to was listening to me, then I woke up from the dream I did feel apprehensive. Any ideas what this dream may mean?

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8 months

@edith.metzger Thanks Edith

8 months

Hey Amanda... what comes to me immediately is the incident that Robby Dawkins was recently locked up in a container in , I think , Afghanistan ... thankfully a believer, a prominent business man, laid his life on the line and got the authorities to release him the next morning ...
This happens in that part of the world routinely to Christians...
you speaking out in your dream and the person hearing you could mean that you are championing the cause of persecuted Christians/ Christians in the Middle East by raising awareness.
Blessings and prayers, lots of love 💕 ✨💕🔥